We are the Maritime Pilots of Tangier Med, and this is our Association: Mediterranean Professional Association of Maritime Pilots - APMPM

We go to sea dozens of times a day braving swell, currents and waves, day and night to board ships by clinging to rope ladders.

We ensure for ships of all sizes and types the critical passage from open sea until they are docked, ensuring the safety of people, port facilities, vessels and goods, as well as the protection of the environment.

The pilot is at the service of his country and the interests of the port ecosystem.

When he reaches the ship's bridge (control station), the pilot is at the maneuver: He instructs the ship's captain and his crews on the best strategy for docking at the port. For this, he orders the rudder, the engines and the thrusters. He uses the tugs of the port and coordinates their actions. His eye is on navigational instruments and his gaze scrutinizes the slightest change in hydro meteorological conditions. He must give the right advice at the right moment so that this ship, so heavy and so slow, which displays monstrous inertias, will find its way between passes and deep, in spite of winds and currents; avoids itself like a fish in the pond; and come snuggle on the tusks of the wharf under the porticoes of the terminal who are impatient to load and unload thousands of tons of cargo.

After a brief hello, the pilot will then quickly leave the captain of the docked ship to descend the rope ladder, and aboard his 15m long pilot boat, will join the next ship that the terminal wants to see already docked...

Here are two quotes that inspire me:

"The sea, complicated by the wind, is a compound of forces. A ship is a compound of machines.

Forces are infinite machines, machines of limited forces.

It is between these two organisms, one inexhaustible, the other intelligent, that this fight is called navigation.
Victor Hugo

"He kissed the sea with a look and realized the infinite loneliness he was in."
Ernest Hemingway

Welcome to our official website.

Mohamed RAFOUK


- Actively participate in the improvement of maritime safety and the protection of the marine environment.

- Ensure the maintenance of a professional and safe pilotage.

- Defend the moral and material interests as well as the safeguarding of the collective and individual rights of its members

- Ensure compliance of the work environment with applicable standards

- Promote the status of the maritime pilot.

- To constitute a consultative support of expertise for the administrations, authorities and organizations of the maritime and port sectors for all that relates to the activity maritime pilotage.

- Collaborate closely with maritime and port organizations at national and international level.

- Organize cultural and leisure activities.

- Realize social housing or other projects for members of the association